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Why Choose an Agency?

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– Paramahansa Yogananda


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If you hire a caregiver directly and opt not to pay payroll taxes or purchase Workers Compensation Insurance, you face two potentially very large risks:


Injury to the caregiver (back sprain, herniated disc etc) could result in an enormous medical bill which you would have to pay. In California, Workers Compensation Insurance is open ended, which means there is no fixed amount that is paid out in the event of an employee getting injured. Any insurance policy that provides comprehensive liability insurance, such as a Homeowners Insurance policy, must also provide Workers Compensation Insurance for injuries suffered by “residential employees” (you will find this in the “definitions” part of the policy). HOWEVER, a caregiver is not considered a “residential employee” so unless you have a specific Workers Comp policy you are responsible for the medical bills if the caregiver is injured whilst working for you.

Unemployment Insurance

If a caregiver works for you privately and claims unemployment after the job has ended and you haven’t being paying payroll taxes, you will be responsible for paying the unemployment and also subject to a fine. You will also be required to pay back taxes and interest for the period of employment.

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