Coral Tree has given amazing care for our family member. Very responsive, very professional, very caring, kind and patient. THANK YOU!


Corona del Mar

We got care for my mother. We hired Coral Tree for her. They’re fantastic and my mom’s all good now. We have been using them for probably seven months. They’re great. There’s usually just one caregiver and sometimes there’s a backup. The best thing about this is that my mom’s very happy with this agency. They’re doing a great job. They’re taking good care of my mom and in turn, she has gained a bunch of weight. Everything is good. The woman who runs it is highly competent. She emails me all the time, checking in with me.


Newport Beach

If there is a better company that cares for people….I wouldn’t know where to find it. These people are professional, quick to be at your side and completely wonderful..each and every one of them. My highest thank you to the entire company.


Newport Beach

Coral Tree In-home care has been so incredibly wonderful with my mom, especially during COVID-19. We are extremely grateful for their professionalism and amazing care! Highly recommend for their integrity and being able to count on them to be there for my loved one!


Hungtington Beach

Positivity. Professionalism. Empathy. Friendship. These are just some of the words I can begin to describe about the amazing team at Coral Tree and their incredible team of care givers.

When you get to the point where you need in-home care it can be very scary and daunting, sad and hard to swallow. The team at Coral Tree not only eased the pain of what we were dealing with emotionally, but more importantly became part of our FAMILY.

Both my Mother and Grandmother required in-home care at the same time; different care givers – different needs. But Coral Tree placed the BEST people with both of our family members, to the point where my grandmother emphatically used to say she didn’t know what she would do with out her “best friend”.

I could not recommend a better company to take care of our loved ones.


Corona del Mar

Coral Tree made a very difficult transition smooth and reassuring. After my husband returned home from a very serious illness, he was weak and needed assistance with everyday tasks. It was a scary time. Coral Tree were like family. They didn’t seem like a company but truly listened to what our needs were and made every attempt to accommodate and place someone into our home that was qualified and trustworthy. Working with Coral Tree has been a pleasure. We would highly recommend them.


Newport Beach

Choosing home care for my mother was one of the two most important decisions I had to make, in the final two years of my mother’s life. She passed away June 2, 2017.

Coral Tree In-Home Care, the company, is really a family, the Macdonald family. The team is: Cassidy, Donald and their daughter Kate. They employ caregivers who are bonded and, equally important, each caregiver I have met or spoken with on the phone has that special gift of loving their job and their clients are their family.

From our first phone call, Kate guided me through the maze of my emotions with with clarity and compassion. She listened to my concerns with her heart, intelligence and years of experience. From all I shared on that phone call with Kate, she came to that first meeting with my mom with the perfect care giver. So perfectly suited to my mom’s personality, quirks, and physical/emotional needs that the same caregiver remained with my mom for the final two years of her life. The caregivers, who filled in at various times for various reasons, were thoughtfully chosen by Kate to be a match for where my mom was emotionally and physically, at that time.

Living 500 miles away from my mom, I felt like I was with her everyday because the quality of loving care and extensive medical knowledge provided by Coral Tree, comforted my mom and alleviated her anxieties. When ever I visited mom I could be her daughter and not her caregiver!

The Macdonald family is easily available by phone or email. I never felt out of touch with them, ever. And, there would be weeks we did not communicate because everything functioned so perfectly. The personal visits to my mom by Kate or Cassidy, always bringing along Donald’s signature baked goods, was icing on the cake of family warmth, kindness, and caring.

The second most important decision was moving my mom from the family home to an assisted living community. That transition would not have been possible without the consistency of having not only the caregiver from Coral Tree, but the Macdonald family partnering with me, to ease the burden of change for both my mom and myself. Their compassion and knowledge, for how to navigate all the dynamics of such a change for us, made this journey positive and minimized my mom’s worries about making another big change in her life.

I would recommend Coral Tree In Home Care to anyone, of any age, stage of health or need. You will not be dialing into an impersonal service provider. You will be calling a family who actually cares about you and your family member. The Macdonalds will guide you with compassion, kindness and competency.


Newport Beach, Redwood City

Coral Tree In-ome Care was recommended to me by the wife of a patient in the same rehab facility where my husband, Skip, was recuperating from a broken femur. This couple had been with Coral Tree for over three years, receiving 24/7 care from them.

Cassidy, wife of Donald Macdonald, Coral Tree owners, had made a home visit two days before my husband was released from rehab. The day we came home, June 7, 2014, Cassidy and Miguel, Skip’s new care giver, were there to greet us.

Although I had previously spoken with her by phone, regarding my husband and the kind of care I was expecting, she reviewed their policies again, answered all my questions and concerns since this was all new to us. Miguel, one of my favorite caregivers, made Skip feel relaxed and comfortable right away. Cassidy stayed a while that first day, reassuring us that we made the right decision to have them take care of my husband who was 87 years old with advanced Parkinson’s.

Over the next two years, Coral Tree’s wonderful caregivers–especially Miguel, Ray, and Mario–settled into a schedule of 8:00 AM-2:00 PM, four days a week. They were very conscientious in their care of Skip, and made daily notes in a journal of his routine. They were always cheerful, pleasant, helpful and fun to have around.

Skip walked (with them) around the neighborhood twice a day so he could meet with neighbors, get some exercise and a healthy tan. They went out to breakfast every Tuesday with friends of Skip — Bob and Dale — to the Magnolia Cafe where they were all “regulars.” Twice a week in his last year (2015-2016), Skip was taken for chelation therapy over a period of three plus months at TLC in Tustin by Ray. They attended doctor and dental appointments for my husband, (with me) when necessary, as well as manicures and pedicures for him, followed by a stop at the Golden Spoon for a yogurt treat.

Cassidy would regularly drop by to visit us to chat with Skip and myself. She always came bearing gifts–usually biscotti and Madeline cookies–home-baked by her husband, Donald. Very delicious!

Cassidy, Donald, and daughter, Kate, truly care about their clients. The care my husband received was reflected in the high quality of the people they hire and in the thorough screening they do to select only the best, most qualified and experienced. It’s a reflection on their commitment to provide the best care possible.

They have my eternal gratitude for the wonderful care that my husband received from them up unto his death–personalized, hands-on, always accommodating our requests.


Huntington Beach

Coral Tree were true partners to us when our mother required more care to live in her home safely. They were there every step of the way, carefully helping us through difficult decisions and finding the right caregivers for her and her needs. When her health became more of an issue they were right there – guiding us from their wealth of knowledge and understanding of the situation.

Kindness, compassion, familial care is how I would best describe them and would recommend them to anyone looking for added care for a loved one.


Newport Beach

Coral Tree truly cares about their clients. They were quick to respond to our needs and sent us a very caring and attentive caregiver. My mom connected right away with Shanty. Shanty was able to get my mom to do things that we couldn’t get her to do and help redirect her when needed. Shanty made healthy meals for our mom and took great care of her. I highly recommend Coral Tree, their caregivers are well trained, kind and loving. Coral Tree is family owned and operated by Cassidy & Donald Macdonald. They met directly with our family to discuss the needs or our mom, and made sure we were totally satisfied with the caregiver that they sent. If you need to use an in-home caregiving service, I highly recommend them.


Capistrano Beach

They anticipated our family’s needs so calmly and completely at a time when we were confronted with unchartered territory concerning finding the right in home care help for our precious Mother. They taught my sister and me everything about how to structure the best care plan for her. They were knowledgeable and flexible and sensitive.

I recall countless occasions when Cassidy or Kate personally assisted with the ever changing daily challenges, for example, transitioning home from skilled nursing, tracking fluctuating blood pressure, monitoring medication and PT exercises and appointments, and helping prepare for special occasions.  They went out of their way to make my Mom feel special by offering companionship and encouragement and spoiling her with gifts of homemade baked goods and preserves and lots of other kind gestures.

Our Coral Tree caregivers were excellent. They were honest and capable and respectful of my Mom’s preferences and needs and belongings.

My experience concerning documentation and scheduling and billing was effortless and was delivered with all the necessary detail, accurately, electronically, in the most consistent and professional fashion possible.


Corona del Mar

Cassidy and Donald run a world class operation. My father has Alzheimer’s and I really didn’t know where to turn when I knew we’d need someone to look in on him. I’d interviewed a couple of services and was not impressed. But one conversation with Cassidy about my father, and I just knew this service would be good. She did not disappoint when she came for an interview with one of her long-time caregivers. Everyone is very comforting and professional. The caregivers they have are simply the best. My father has been in excellent hands. They do so much for us, and I can never thank them enough for all the little and big things that go well beyond daily care for my dad. They’re simply part of our family, and that’s the way an in-home care service should be.


Newport Beach, San Francisco

It is with great admiration and love that I sit and write a review for Coral Tree. I cannot express in words how much peace of mind I gained from the amazing care Cassidy, Donald, Miguel, Roland, Peter, Tina and the other beloved caregivers provided for my father. My father had debilitating vascular dementia and a secondary diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease back in 2010.

He got to the stage where professional caregivers needed to be found. My father’s doctor recommended Coral Tree – and I now know why! Coral Tree and certified staff have been companions, chefs, nurses, cleaners and so many more roles. They took care of my father until his death in October of 2013. I sit here with tears in my eyes for the grateful service Coral Tree provided my dad and me. Three were there with my dad as he passed — with all the genuine love in their hearts.

I can never repay the spectacular care from Coral Tree. Thank you!!! I can highly recommend Coral Tree to all who need in-home care for their loved one.


Newport Beach

Our family is so pleased with the 24-hour-a-day care that Coral Tree gave our dad during his four-month convalescence. The care given and the companionship offered to him worked wonders and a miracle. Good and healthy routines were established by Dad’s caregiver, Ernie. We cannot say enough about how loving Ernie was, as well as how encouraging and positive he was to our Dad.

There was also a great benefit offered to us, his grown children. We could go about out daily lives knowing and having peace of mind that our dad was been well taken care of.

We want to personally thank you for always being there for us with phone calls, texts, and home visits, including delicious baked goods!

We would be more than happy to let other people know of your company and the great and personal service you and your staff offer and provide.


Newport Beach

We heard of Coral Tree from our next door neighbor. The folks from Coral Tree were his mother’s around the clock caregivers for over a year, and he raved about the wonderful care they had given her.

A point came where my wife needed more care and more expert care than I could provide. So we called Coral Tree. What a great decision!

As my wife’s heart and lung problems got worse, excellent caregivers from Coral Tree saw to her every need. They had the skill to roll her over and to perform lots of other tasks. They sat with her 24/7. They kept excellent notes of measurements of blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, etc.

Our main caregivers were Chona (days) and Amy (nights). They were both from the Philippines, and their English was excellent.  They bonded with my wife, and she responded by being nicer to them than many others. They really really cared. They both came to the funeral and cried like the rest of us who had known her for decades.

Chona and Amy were only human, and took days off from five twelve hour shifts in a row. Coral Tree provided excellent backups on those days.

Coral Tree is a mom-and-pop operation run by Cassidy and Donald Macdonald. She too really cared, and visited regularly to make sure all was going well. She often brought cookies or unusual flowers, and provided the scheduling and quality control so important in such an operation. She always provided very good caregivers, and some are great one.

The big question is whether I would recommend Coral Tree to others, both friends and family. The answer is ABSOLUTELY. They are the best around here. If your loved one needs care, you cannot do better than Coral Tree.


Newport Beach

We want to thank you for the personal attention and care you and your company provide to our family in helping my mom to get the best care for her health and overall happiness. It has now been over six months since we first met with you about our specific needs. The special interest and concern you have shown to us has been beyond any expectations we have had.

We are so pleased with Danielle and she is the perfect companion for our mom. Every day they are busy and active going out into the community and having fun, which is so important in maintaining our mom’s health and happiness. Danielle is so caring and makes each day a blessing for Mom. Every day she looks forward to her ‘adventures’ with her caregiver.

We so appreciate that you understand the importance of our desires to create a ‘wellness model’ of treatment. Seeing our mom go from being bedridden to being out every day for walks, trips to the gym, to the store or to the movies is such a joy for us to see. As she has now celebrated her 85th birthday we watch in amazement as she has returned to being back to her old self.

We are forever grateful to your agency and all the ‘personal touches’ you provide to your clients and their families. We are so happy to have found you and your company.


Ladera Ranch

The staff at Coral Tree is nothing short of AMAZING. We have used their services for the past five years. They have made if possible for my mom to remain in her home of the last 30 years. Greta, Amy, and Susan have been by her side 24/7 making sure she is safe and has assistance with every need. Mom turns 92 next month and our family loves the tradition of gathering in her home and we are so grateful to Donald, Cassidy and Kate at Coral Tree and their employees who have made this possible. I highly recommend Coral Tree without any hesitation.


Newport Beach

I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated working with Coral Tree. Your in-home care is 100% and I have already passed your name on to a friend who may need help also. If I ever should need help or care, there is no question who I will call. Thank you for being there!


Corona del Mar

We could not have been happier with Coral Tree. Their staff is wonderful and very caring. They have been a real blessing in our lives. The owners daughter, Kate, was especially wonderful with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law really connected with her caregivers. We highly recommend Coral Tree.


Newport Beach

Cassidy and Donald, the owners of Coral Tree provided wonderful caregivers for my mother for the last several years of her life. Mom was very selective about who her caregivers were. Cassidy was very understanding in sending different caregivers until we found a proper fit.


Newport Beach

I am truly grateful to have found Coral Tree. Donald, Cassidy, Kate and the rest of the team provide phenomenal care to a close family friend.

There have been countless situations where they have gone above and beyond expectation. The work they do is incredible. Not only do they assist with day to day care but have also been so helpful to be proactive in many ways.

When I look back at all the many challenges over the last three years, I don’t know what we would have done without them. They lead an amazing team, providing trustworthy assistance and comfort.


Newport Coast

Cassidy and Donald and their team of caregivers did an amazing job looking after my mom when she came out of hospital a few weeks ago after major surgery.

Mom was really nervous about having people she didn’t know in her home, and Cassidy spent a lot of time with her pre-surgery, introduced her to all of the caregivers that would be looking after her when she got home, coordinated getting her home when it was time to leave the hospital, helped organize her meds, etc. She went above and beyond.

Both my husband and I work full-time and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Cassidy did a lot to ease Mom’s fears and to try and make a stressful time for all of us as stress-free and smooth as possible. And the caregivers were wonderful. They are so easy to talk to, and their approach is really personal. You can see Cassidy & Donald really care about the people in their care and the people that work for them.

Mom is doing great and fingers crossed this is the last hospital visit for some time. Can’t thank Cassidy and Coral Tree enough!


Newport Beach

I’ve had excellent experience with Coral Tree. My wife contacted Cassidy a day before I was coming home from the hospital after organ transplant surgery, and Cassidy and a potential caregiver met with us in our home on a Sunday afternoon.

I was in the hospital for six weeks, and was so weak I could barely get out of bed or walk. We both knew from our interview that Coral Tree and their caregiver were well equipped to support my rehabilitation.

Initially we had the caregiver for 40 hours weekly, working on various exercises provided by the physical therapy department at the hospital. She also helped me with activities of daily living, specifically dressing, bathing and meal preparation. I was so weak I could not even prepare my medications – never mind, my caregiver and I did it together.

Over the course of a couple weeks, she started to give me more responsibility for my activities, and I responded well. As we proceeded I walked regularly in our neighborhood and made short trips around town. She also drove me to medical appointments. We started with a wheelchair and supplemental oxygen and graduated to walking with no assistance.

As important as all her help was the peace of mind she gave my wife and me that I was in good hands. My caregiver was well trained, and knew how to pace me so I would make progress without overdoing it. It paid off – I am almost self-sufficient today and continue to progress. The Coral Tree manager was very supportive, with periodic phone calls and visits.

I highly recommend Coral Tree – they get it.


Laguna Beach