Gratitude for Our Caregivers | Susan

by | Feb 26, 2022 | Our Friends, Family & Caregivers

Susan sees her clients as extensions of her own family. She is there to love them and give them comfort. There were no nurses in her own family in the Philippines. Her parents asked Susan to study nursing so someone would be able to look after them, so Susan studied and got her nursing degree. Her first job was as a company nurse in a broadcasting company, ABS-CBN. But later, when her mother became ill, she quit to help take care of her. Later, when her father’s business had trouble, Susan received her parent’s blessing to come to the US to work.

Like many caregivers, she started in a board and care in the US One of her first patients was an ex-nurse who was mean to everyone. Susan just observed her behavior and went about her tasks. The mean ex-nurse was observing her, too. One day she complimented Susan on how well she made the bed with hospital corners. She was never unkind to Susan. Susan believes that giving love and respect, however mean or unpleasant a sick person is, is the right thing to do.

Sometimes families can make the caregiver’s job harder. Susan always listens to their requests but, ultimately, it is the welfare of the client that is of utmost importance. Susan says she loves her job. Her own parents have passed on but caring for a client is like always having a parent again.


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