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by | Dec 14, 2022 | Our Friends, Family & Caregivers

“Two Beautiful Peas in a Pod”

Our friend Nita was an incredible caregiver, confidante, and companion to a dear friend of ours, Jane.

Nita always dresses beautifully — which Jane, who also loved getting dressed nicely and feeling beautiful, loved. Jane loved people and to socialize and she and Nita were like two friendly, fashionable peas in a pod!

I think together they brought a lot of joy to the assisted living facility Jane lived in the last two years of her life, checking in on neighbors and being two bright lights in an environment that can often be quite lonely.

Nita would take Jane out and about to visit with friends, to doctor’s appointments, help her run errands, and so much more — anything Jane might need, Nita was there to help provide. And perhaps, most importantly, Nita was a gentle, constant friend and reliable presence in Jane’s daily life.

And when Jane became more fragile, Nita was there every day. Jane never felt alone, which I think in some ways because she was such an upbeat, “people-person,” was the most important thing for her. Nita’s friendship was the perfect medicine for Jane at that time in her life.

As one of Jane’s granddaughters said.  “My grandmother emphatically used to say she didn’t know what she would do with out her ‘best friend.'”

Thank you Nita for taking such good care of our precious Jane (aka Gigi)!


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